Detailed information
(Year 2015-2016 version) Portable plasma oxyfuel CNC cutter CCL-P

Portable plasma oxyfuel CNC Cutter CCL-P verion 2015-2016 by CNC cutter limited is the most economical CNC cutting machine. 
It provide the small and medium metal fabrication shops with most economical CNC cutting solutions for metal sheet. 

Advanced Structure 

1.> Cross beam driving model, enables a more stable balance movement, avoid the head declining due to gravity.
2.> Reasonable cutting area: effective 1.25m*2.5m, 1.5m*3.0m suitable most common sheet 4ft*8ft.
3.> Light and smart, no fixed place occupation, sustain table or on sheet cutting directly.
4.> Overall processing alloy base, assure light and precise, no base shape deformation.
5.> Cross beam and rail both with linear guide, high accuracy good stability moving.
6.> Plasma cable path in with the beam, beautiful and safe. with motor enable/disable button, ensure operator and machine safety and start position random select, save material save time.
7.> Anti hot cutting dross protection, protect rail, CNC, plasma cable and torch unit, ensure long term clean and safe running.
 Simple structure, easy for packing, delivery, installation and disassemble.

Powerful CNC Controller
1.> Break point & power off restroration.
2.> Returning to reference point.
3.> Kerf compensation.
4.> Built-in library, Common figures, sustain professional nesting(common line etc).
5.> 64M memory for programs.
6.> Corner speed automatically adapt...

Parameter Outlook  
Effective Cutting Width (X axis)      1.5m
Effective Cutting Length (Y axis)    1.5m--6.0m (Can be adjusted)
Cutting Mode                                  Flame and/or Plasma
Cutting Material                              Carbon Stainless Alloy steel, aluminium, zinc etc
Cutting Speed                                 0-6500mm/Min
Plasma Cutting Thickness              Depending on the NC plasma generator
Oxyfuel Cutting Thickness              5-100mm
Optional Item                                  NC plasma generator(Power Source)

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