What Are The Advantages Of Plasma Cutting and cnc plasma cutter Machines of CNC cutter Limited?

Plasma cutting is an efficient metal cutting method for sheet metal and metal tubes, which has made it to be widely used in many different industries. CNC cutter limited's cnc plasma cutter machines, you can get benefits from 10 best advantages with fast cuts, ease of use, lower cost, safe to use, multi-tasking, expanded versatility, wide range of material and thickness, eliminated plate warping, raised inside piercing speed, and diminished dross; generally

  • Compared with traditional semi-automatic and manual cutting method, CNC cutter limited's cnc plasma cutter machines are automatic CNC metal cutter has greatly improved the efficiency and quality.

  • CNC cutter limited's cnc plasma cutter machines CNC plasma cutting system is a computer controlled plasma cutting machine. It performs automatic, full-time, high-quality, high-utilization and efficient cutting according to the CNC nesting software. In industrial production, metal thermal cutting generally includes gas cutting, plasma cutting, and laser cutting. Compared with gas cutting, plasma cutting has a wider cutting range and higher efficiency. CNC cutter limited's cnc plasma cutter machines for fine plasma cutting technology is close to the quality of laser cutting in terms of the cutting surface quality of the material, but the cost is much lower than that of laser cutting. It has shown great advantages in saving materials and improving labor productivity. This has promoted the development of plasma cutting technology from manual or semi-automatic to numerical control, and has become one of the main directions of the development of numerical control cutting technology. Further
  • CNC cutter limited's cnc plasma cutter machines can cut thicker metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, copper and its alloys, cast iron and other metal materials. You can also use a non-transferred plasma arc cutting gun to cut non-conductive non-metallic materials and insulating materials with a cutting thickness of more than 150mm.
  • CNC cutter limited's cnc plasma cutter machines cutting speed is fast, and the production efficiency is high, especially when cutting thin metals with high power, the production efficiency is improved more significantly.
  • CNC cutter limited's cnc plasma cutter machines cutting quality is high, the slit is smooth and flat, the incision is narrow, and the heat-affected zone and deformation are smaller than other cutting methods.
  • Low cost, due to the high speed, the use of cheap gas such as nitrogen requires less raw materials and labor than other methods to cut the same material.