Advantages and characteristics of steel plate cnc cutting machine

Q: 16MM thickness multiplied by 800MM length multiplied by 800MM width equals 30 pieces, each piece to cut 12 holes his diameter is 36. How much time can it take to get it out? Give me a budget.

A: Steel plate CNC cutter 16mm steel plate cutting speed of 600-800mm/min, the total length of your single piece processing: 2 x 3.14 x 18 x 12 x 1356.48mm, according to the minimum cutting speed calculation, a single piece cutting time is: 2.26min.

The above data for the simple cutting state time, 12 holes between the layout gap need torch movement time, CNC cutting machine empty running speed can reach 3500m/min, according to 12 holes evenly arranged in 800 x 800mm steel plate, horizontal arrangement of 4 holes, vertical arrangement of 3 holes, even if the empty running vertical walk the total length of: 2400mm. The actual moving distance must be within 2400mm, so the empty running time can be determined: 1min.

From this, it can be concluded that the total time for the completion of a single piece of complete machining cutting is: 3.26min.

Analysis of CNC cutting machine compared with artificial cutting advantages mainly have the following points.

Cut time savings: hard cutting speed is relatively faster than manual cutting, the main savings cut graphic positioning point measurement time, you cut the whole board cutting graphics can be arranged can be completed directly all the workpieces at once, the more complex the type of graphics, CNC cutting machine should save more time. Example: You sent me the processing workpiece, the total time from the start of the cut to the completion of the cut is within 3.26 minutes.

The improvement of cutting accuracy: the CNC cutting machine cutting process controlled by the CNC system always maintains a uniform speed state, the control accuracy can reach -0.2mm, but the cutting accuracy is guaranteed by the cutting method.

The maximum utilization rate of cutting material: one of the main embodiments of the value of CNC cutting machine, can effectively help enterprises to save material costs, if necessary, can be 800 x 800mm steel plate without limiting the type of graphics, the number of the whole plate full. Corner material can be used effectively. The longer it takes, the more valuable the material is saved, and the price of the CNC cutter itself may well be exceeded.

Cutting effect: cutting effect is affected by many factors, but relative to manual cutting, CNC cutting machine cutting effect is significantly better than manual cutting.

CNC cutting machine is currently the mainstream trend of enterprise steel plate processing, can indeed help enterprises to enhance the market competitiveness of products.

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