Air plasma cutting machine covers a large area

Air plasma cutting machine, as the name implies, is through the air to carry out metal cutting a tool, it and other use of a tool, other gases a tool has a large difference, is that it does not need to carry out a specific gas extraction, only need to be done through air, basically plug-in can be solved, This is why it is also favored by most small metalworking manufacturers, as well as some small factories for machining, because the process used is not more complex and can meet the needs of more basic metal structures.

Objectively speaking, the area of air plasma cutting machine is very small, because it does not need other tools for a collective extraction, or to provide a direct to use the factory, so this area is relatively small, of course, its footprint is also large and small, Because to meet the needs of different metals a cutting, in general, its price from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of, and ordinary machine tool prices are not much different, itself also has a very powerful function, to meet the needs of most people a cutting, so this cutting cutting apparatus, The process used is still very extensive.

Perhaps most people are relatively unfamiliar with plasma cutting machine, but its use of the scope is indeed very broad, similar to air plasma, the type of cutting machine itself is also very simple to use the process, can be able to meet most of the mechanical operation after simple learning, can be said to be easy to learn, It can also help us to process large areas of metalwork.

Air plasma cutting machine, also called air plasma source LGK-200IGBT used in our gantry cnc cutting machine