CNC metal cutting machine III— CNC Flaming cutting machine

  • Flame cutting is also known as gas cutting or oxygen-fuel cutting. The CNC flame cutting machine uses the thermal energy of the gas flame to pre-heat the workpieces to a certain temperature. Then it ejects high-speed cutting airflow to melt the metal and release heat to achieve the purpose of cutting. The commonly used flame cutting gases include acetylene, propane, liquefied gas, coke oven gas, natural gas, etc. From the comprehensive consideration of pollution, energy consumption, and cost ratio, natural gas is currently the most suitable gas. But natural gas also has its limitations. For instance, the natural gas flame temperature is not high, which causes the cutting efficiency to be inferior to acetylene. The CNC Cutter Limited manufactured CNC flame metal cutting machines can cut large-thickness metal plates. It can cut metal plates with thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 1200m (Common cutting 6mm-200mm). Meanwhile, The CNC Cutter Limited manufactured CNC flame metal cutting machines and its cutting costs are low. 
  • However, its also have related heat-affected area , and the material is more prone to thermal deformation. Therefore, the cutting accuracy of the flame metal cutting machine is relatively inferior to other cutting methods. Also because of this, CNC Cutter Limited recommend to adopt the CNC flame cutting and CNC plasma cutting both on one machine to use their each advantagous.