CNC cutters use more than just air cutting

cnc cutting machine is set according to the program, carry out different materials a cutting basic tool, can be said to be a very important tool in the process of processing now. Of course, according to the processing materials, the material it uses is a large difference, in the current situation, mainly has metal cutting blade cutting and our air cutting plasma cutting, several cutting machines to form a whole cnc type of cutting machine.

Because in the process of using CNC cutters, we need to cut the tools is a big difference, so the blade cutting is basically used in cloth or leather similar metal, cutting the range of relatively large demand under the situation, and we use plasma cutting and air cutting and so on, When cutting harder objects, such as metal ore or steel plates, metal plates and other tools, air plasma cutting and laser cutting are used, Organs and air are not a tool in our lives that can generate a lot of power, but under the relevant mechanical operation the organ and air frequency has become very extensive, to meet most people's cutting needs, and also to protect the tools around the cutting port.

It can be said that in the process of CNC plasma cutting machine operation, want to achieve a real sense of the stable cutting also need skilled standardized process of a control, as long as we have a related process control, basically can meet the majority of the cutting on a need.

Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine with air plasma cutting source LGK-200IGBT