cnc cutting machine may become the industry's main force.

With the development of modern mechanical processing industry, the quality and cutting accuracy requirements of metal sheet cnc cutting are constantly improving, and the functional requirements of CNC cutting machines with high intelligence are also being improved. CNC flame cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, precision and good cutting quality, however, these characteristics must be continuously developed and expanded to meet market demand. The development of CNC cutting machine must be adapted to the needs of modern mechanical processing industry development. The function and performance of CNC flame cutter has been perfected from the application of several commonly used CNC cutting machines. Especially based on the emergence of the domestic operating system of industrial control computer, the application of the automatic conversion software of graphics cutting code, coupled with its unique advantages of medium-thick plate cutting and low processing costs, CNC cutting machine in a certain period of time will be the main force of plate cutting, CNC cutting machine future development space is still very large.

From the social environment, China's implementation of market economy time is not long, some small wire cutting machine tool production plant is still in the stage of the accumulation of raw capital, these manufacturers often do not have the whole machine manufacturing capacity, can only be assembly-type production, the whole process of quality control can not talk about, research and development, innovation is even more impossible, Such manufacturers in the eastern part of China is very numerous, coupled with the current China and the market economy matching the law is not mature, as well as interest-driven local government protection, so these non-productive enterprises will continue to survive, from the current status quo, the attitude of the state to this is through market competition and natural elimination of cnc fire.

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