Earlier version gantry cnc plasma and oxyfuel cutter machine CCL-GC of CNC CUTTER LIMITED

  • One of our decades of gantry cnc plasma and oxyfuel cutter machine users / clients sometimes asked, why you CNC CUTTER LIMITED machines appearance changes some? 
  • Because we CNC CUTTER LIMITED has been improving our products.  From the first version to present, it is improved times, and compared the first generation, the newest version adopted 1.  Newest SH/SF CNC system, more easlier English interface, more functions, say, added auto nesting, random piercing point selection.  2.  Stronger structure.  Not like some company to chase lower cost to make smaller beam, smaller rails, smaller lifters;  we CNC CUTTER LIMITED chased bigger and wider beam, stronger lifter etc meanwhile remain the price or reduce price, and CNC CUTTER LIMITED plan to use all 500+ width beam and 18mm whole welding beam to our new users in the large and heavy gantry cnc plasma flame machines.  3.  Updated components: we CNC CUTTER LIMITED all used components are the newest version, include Panasonic servo, Plasma Torch Height Controller, software, hose and torch, valves etc, for making sure new client a bandwagon cnc plasma flame cutting machine. 
  • The appearance changes, the CNC CUTTER LIMITED good quality and service never change, initial willing of "buying quality save money" doesn't change.  A lots of our CNC CUTTER LIMITED users had experienced over 10 years, their machine have been using and earning, and more and more will be the same.