Does the plasma or flame CNC cutter all need a computer?


As we all know, cnc cutting machine is not a very new technology, it has been used in our cutting field for a very long time, and in a variety of mechanical intelligent processing operations, the frequency used is very high, so we are not new to digital control such a process, That's not all CNC machines need a computer to be placed next to it for auxiliary work.

The answer is more certain, the so-called numerical control is a process through programto control, so it must have a main brain, this brain is now mostly determined by the use of computers, our sewing machine sewing machine sewing machines all kinds of processing machines basically have a digital control basis, Therefore, a computer installation on the above has been mechanical and computer integration of a design and development of a supporting service facilities, so-called processing design is now a numerically controlled cutting machine a basic direction of development, of course, if there is no integrated computer, the use of ordinary computers basically set the relevant programs, Accurate digital operation is also possible, because in the current situation, if only simple metal cutting, in fact, the requirements for the computer are not that high.

Cnc cutters are a very important tool for us because they at least show an extraordinary power in the process of satisfying a wide variety of leather fabrics and metalworking cutting, and can also be greatly reduced, and we encounter a series of problems in the process of use. It is a real solution to a process-based standard problem in the cutting process.

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