How pipe plasma cnc cutters avoid those easy faults?

The intersection plasma cutting machine is a cutting equipment that can be connected on a carbon steel stainless steel pipe, because of its good cutting quality, high efficiency and high control accuracy is widely used in steel structure processing, pipe truss processing, pressure vessels, bridge construction, marine engineering, oil pipelines, gas pipelines and other industries, So the line cutting machine in the process of use is prone to those failures? And how should i avoid failure? The following small editor for the above problems for you to break down the solution in detail:

Avoid failures:

  1. To ensure that the intersection cnc cutter tungsten pole, with the nozzle, at the same height. In this way, it is possible to effectively increase the gas flow of the line cutter. This reduces the damage to the material from the line cutter.

  2. In the process of using the intersection cutting machine, we must strictly follow the power of the equipment to process. If the power is too large, or the power is too small, will seriously affect the normal use of the intersection cnc plasma cutting machine.

  3. Must reasonably control the gas flow of the intersectional cutting machine, as well as the cutting speed of the equipment.

Precautions and solutions:

  1. As it is a hot cut, inflammable and explosive materials must not be stored at the operating site.

  2. Workers at work before unplugging the cutting machine power supply to the machine power off, at the same time must wear labor protection protective equipment, do not use wet hands to touch the electrical part. If you need to touch the electrical power supply part, you should first power off.

  3. Every day after work should be timely wipe the equipment clean, track, transmission part coated with the right amount of lubricant, to prevent rust affecting the operation of the machine.

  4. Due to the operation of a lot of iron chips, every day after the work should be cleaned up in time, so as not to affect the normal use of the machine.

  5. In the process of using the intersection line cutting machine, if you can do a good job of these issues, you can very well reduce the line cutting machine failure, extend the service life of consumables and equipment, improve the efficiency of the use of the line cutting machine.

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