How to buy the right cnc cutting machine--By CNC CUTTER LIMITED

Many enterprises in considering the purchase of CNC cutting machine is relatively unable to start, the market of many brands, prices are also uneven, so for enterprises how to choose? Below we give you a brief explanation of the key points about the purchase of CNC cutting machine!

  1. Select the model. According to the user to cut the material, thickness, as well as cutting efficiency and cutting quality requirements, first choose and decide to buy the type of CNC cutting machine, such as flame CNC cutting machine or plasma CNC cutting machine, or flame plasma dual-use machine, must be based on the material to be cut to decide.

  2. Select a configuration.  In accordance with the material and product cutting processing requirements and processes, especially cutting thickness and perforation capacity, select and determine the specific configuration of CNC cutting machine, such as plasma power, flame gun configuration, bevel cutting type and way. CNC flame cutting machine should pay special attention: the maximum cutting thickness of plasma power supply is not effective perforation and cutting thickness, and the flame thick plate perforation technology and process and plasma effective perforation capacity is the effective cutting thickness and key cutting process of CNC cutting machine.

  3. Examine machine quality and precision. After the model and configuration are selected, the manufacturing quality and cutting precision of the cutting machine of this enterprise are introduced. The machine structure of cnc cutter, the quality of gear racks, the quality of rails and gear boxes, the machine installation ground and shielding, and the verification of the precision of the cutting machine are related to or determined the cutting quality of cnc cutters.

  4. Examining the stability of the numerical control system.  The stability of the CNC system is very important, if the system is unstable, such as the summer due to the internal heat of the CNC system, resulting in system instability, or due to fan or hard disk damage, resulting in the CNC system can not work, enterprises need to stop production for a week waiting to replace or repair the system, which is a serious loss to enterprises and cutting machine manufacturers.

  5. Cutting efficiency and cutting quality. CNC cutting machine cutting efficiency and cutting quality is the user's most concern, not only the user acceptance of CNC cutting machine focus, but also the user evaluation of CNC cutting machine quality standards. In particular, it should be pointed out that in the current CNC cutting machine hardware is basically the same or similar circumstances, CNC cutting machine cutting efficiency and cutting quality is mainly determined by software, not cutting machine hardware.CNC CUTTER LIMITED supply kinds of cnc plasma and oxyfuel cutting macines for metal cutting