Four methods for identifying bearing quality in cnc cutting machines


  1. Is the steel print of the cnc plasma cutter clear? In the bearing body will be printed with the brand word, label, etc. The font is very small, but the factory is produced mostly using steel printing technology, and before the superheated treatment of the word, so the font is small, but deep, very clear. And counterfeit products font is not only fuzzy, because of the printing technology rough, font floating on the surface, some even easily can be erased by hand.

  2. Is there a noise in the CNC flame cutter? The left hand holds the inner sleeve of the bearing, the right hand shakes the jacket to make it rotate, to hear if it has a noise. Because most of the counterfeit products of the production conditions backward, completely hand-workshop-style operation, in the production process will inevitably be mixed with sand and other impurities, hidden in the bearing body, so in the rotation will make noise. This is the biggest difference from the positive brand that strictly enforces production standards and operates with machines.

  3. Is there any turbid oil on the surface? This should be done with special care when purchasing imported bearings. Because the current domestic anti-rust technology is not special to home, so the bearing body for rust treatment is easy to leave a thick traces of oil, holding in the hand sticky thick, and foreign imported bearings can hardly see traces of anti-rust oil, but particularly careful experts say imported bearings smell a taste, is certainly under rust-proof oil, I just can't see it.

  4. Is the chamfer of the CNC cutter even? The so-called chamfer of bearings, that is, the intersection of the horizontal and vertical surfaces, counterfeit bearings due to production technology restrictions, in these corner corners of the part of the treatment is not satisfactory.