Plasma gas function and selection

    We cnc cutter limited makes cnc plasma cutting machine most use the air plasma gas, but for some particular using, cnc cutter limited also availble to adopt some as following:

   1. Argon at high temperature simply does not respond with any metal attack, argon plasma arc is very stable. Moreover, the nozzle and electrode used have a high application life. However, the voltage of argon plasma arc is low, the value of radon is not high, the cutting ability is limited, and the thickness of the cutting is reduced by about 25% compared with air cutting. In addition, in the argon maintenance environment, the appearance of condensation metal pressure is larger, than in the nitrogen environment is about 30% higher, so there will be more slag problems. Even gas cutting with argon and other gases tends to stick to slag. As a result, pure argon is rarely used alone to stop plasma cutting.

    2. Oxygen can progress cutting low-carbon steel data speed. When using oxygen to stop cutting, the cutting form is similar to that of a flame cutter, and the high-temperature, high-energy plasma arc makes the cutting faster, but it is necessary to cooperate with the use of anti-high-temperature oxidizing electrodes, while the electrode stops arcing when the impact-proof maintenance, in order to extend the life of the electrode.

    3. Hydrogen is usually used as an auxiliary gas mixed with other gases, such as the famous gas H35 (hydrogen volume fraction of 35%, the other is argon) is CNC plasma cutting machine is one of the strongest gas, which mainly benefit hydrogen. Because hydrogen can significantly improve the arc voltage, so that the hydrogen plasma jet has a high value, when mixed with argon, its plasma jet cutting can greatly improve. General on the thickness of more than 70mm metal data, commonly used as a cutting gas. If the use of water jet to further tighten the arc of radon and hydrogen plasma, but also to achieve a higher cutting efficiency.

    4. Nitrogen is a commonly used working gas, under the condition of a higher supply voltage, nitrogen plasma arc has better stability and higher jet energy than argon, even when cutting liquid metal viscosity of materials such as stainless steel and nickel-based alloys, the amount of slag on the lower edge of the inlet is very small. Nitrogen can be used alone and in mixing with other gases, such as automatic cutting, which often uses nitrogen or air as working gases, which were once the norm for high-speed cutting of carbon steel. Sometimes nitrogen is also used as an arcing gas when cutting oxygen plasma arcs.