Three reasons to choose a CNC flame cutter

At present, the market cnc cutting machine is mainly divided into flame cutting and plasma cutting two ways, then in what circumstances can choose the CNC flame cutting machine, for you to summarize the following several reasons:

CNC flame cutting machine is mainly suitable for medium-thick plate cutting processing machinery and equipment, compared with other similar thermal cutting methods, CNC flame cutting machine with high cutting quality, cutting surface verticality, cutting thickness and so on, is currently the most widely used in the domestic market a kind of cutting processing methods.

1. High cutting quality. Generally speaking, the use of flame cutting for medium-thick plate cutting processing, similar material thickness is more than 20MM, in this thickness basically, 100MM thickness of material cutting due to not easy to change lines and perforated operation of the slag is easy to clog the cut, can be cut from the edge of the steel plate, in the 0-700mm/min speed range, can maintain the cutting width within 2mm, at the same time equipped with automatic cutting control system.

2.High verticality of the cut face.  Unlike the CNC plasma cutting machine due to the plasma arc caused by the V-shaped cutting surface, CNC flame cutting machine processing of the cutting surface verticality is generally higher, slope can be controlled below 2-3 degrees, characterized by more than 10mm with a certain thickness of the plate cutting, better performance.

3. Cut thickness. In practical processing applications, the processing thickness range of flame cutting is between 6-200MM, replacing the trachea gas and torch cutting, cutting thickness can even reach 350MM. In order to improve the cutting quality, for different thickness materials, when using flame cutting, the relevant process parameters will be slightly different.

CNC CUTTER LIMITED Portable cnc flame cutting

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