Treatment of cnc cutting process.

General CNC cutting machine before the implementation of the cutting needs to complete the drawing and CNC flame cutting machine editing and processing, in order to ensure the quality of the workpiece, generally not directly arranged on the work profile penetration point (i.e., fire point), but to make it leave the bow and arrow a distance, after a section of cutting line before entering the workpiece profile, this line is often referred to as cutting lead or introduction line. The length of the introduced line is determined by the thickness of the material and the cutting method used, generally speaking, the length of the lead increases with the thickness.

The arrangement of introducing lines should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The introduction line should be as short as possible without affecting perforation and cutting, and its introduction direction should be as consistent as possible with the cutting machine. The slag that splashes when perforated should not fly to the cutter, but in the opposite direction of the cutting machine start-up operation.

  2. Arrangement of the leadin line when cutting the cavity of the workpiece.

    (1) straight lead, in practice and all kinds, straight leads are most commonly used, but at the cutting start, end is easy to leave a dent and small tail. When the inner cavity is square, the lead is generally cut in from a certain angle, and the inner cavity of the circular is generally not required.

    (2) round lead line, if the higher quality cutting contact is required, it is best to use the garden lead.

    (3)When the lead is arranged when cutting the workpiece shape, the straight lead is generally used when cutting the shape.

    (4)Design introduction line, should also minimize material waste, sometimes with the set of materials to consider.

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