Why Select CNC plasma cutting machines by CNC CUTTER LIMITED

  • CNC plasma cutting machines by CNC cutter Limited in the thin and medium thick carbon steel processing industry (alloy steel, stainless steel, alumnium etc only have to be plasma), whether from the cutting quality or cutting efficiency is superior to CNC flame cutting machine, it and works with different working gases can cut a variety of metals, especially on non-ferrous metal sheet cutting effect is better. However, CNC plasma cutting machine of CNC cutter limited as a thermal processing equipment, in the cutting process will inevitably attack thermal deformation. But the study indicates that when different cutting processes are selected during the cutting process, the amount of deformation can be effectively improved.
  • After analyzing the deformation and the influence range of the cutting parts of the cnc cutting machines of CNC cutter limited, you will fine it is concluded that the proper plate leveling disposal is carried out in the cutting routine, and the plate fixation is reasonably stopped, so as to avoid the attack and movement of the processing parts during the cutting process. When preparing the cutting procedure, choose a reasonable cutting process, so that the maximum size surface of the work piece is finally parted; For cutting slender parts or special-shaped parts, the use of two paired cutting and other control methods, CNC plasma cutting machines by CNC cutter Limited can effectively avoid and reduce the thermal deformation of cutting work.