Why is there bevel when using CNC plasma cutting machine processing?

    For a long time users in the use of CNC plasma cutting machine will find similar problems, no matter how to adjust the cutting process, in the use of CNC plasma cutting machine will appear the phenomenon of cutting surface slope, below, we will solve the following detailed answer:

    Because the shape of the plasma arc is spindle. In the cutting height is too high or too low, will cause the slope. When using the arc pressure adjuster CNC plasma cutting machine, as long as the adjustment of the arc pressure setting, you can basically reduce the degree of the slope.

    When the cutting thickness exceeds a certain value, plasma cutting will inevitably cause a certain slope, this value is used to distinguish the plasma power supply mass cutting thickness and the maximum cutting thickness, once the value is exceeded, the larger part of the arc below the plasma arc will act on the steel plate cut face, forming the slope. Similarly, if the distance between the plasma cut mouth and the steel plate is too large, it will also produce the phenomenon of the slope.

CNC CUTTER LIMITED Fine cutting plasma great decrease the bevel of plasma cutting

Another factor that may produce a slope is air pressure, when the air pressure value is too low, the pressure generated at the mouth is not enough to completely break through the steel plate, resulting in the phenomenon of cutting not smooth or even the slope below the end surface.

The third factor is the damage of the plasma nozzle, the plasma arc in the process of production to the nozzle damaged side of the offset deformation, but also in the steel plate section to form a slope phenomenon.

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