Can not use water to clean CNC plasma and oxy fuel gas cutter?


Plasma machine and gas cutting machine cleaning is a standardized process that ensures the accuracy of the next use process, so many CNC cutters themselves also need to be cleaned regularly or irregularly to ensure that the dust or debris left inside is preserved. These will not have a significant impact on the next cutting effort.

But the use of these CNC plasma cutting machine is not actually able to be done through the relatively ordinary washing, to know that it is a tool for live work, if we can not have a better change to its cutting process, it is likely to cause a great risk to the next scorching work, directly it will be washed with water , in fact, it's a very big risk for our own safety, which means that in the process of using it, we need to go to other tools to do everything, a clear structure metal, in fact, in the process of cleaning up debris, We are directly using dry rags or some other tools to carry out the above dust and residue, a clean-up, as long as the clean dust and residue, basically will not have any other impact on the next cutting work, but also to reduce the residue, for these control accuracy of an impact.

In general, we are not possible to use water to carry out related, a mechanical operation, a cleaning, especially for cnc plasma cutters, because they are a tool for live work, if there is a large amount of water left in it, it is easy to cause a corrosion of metal, or leakage of a phenomenon.

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