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CNC CUTTER LIMITED portable cnc plasma cutter serier working

CNC CUTTER LIMITED portable pipe cnc cutter serier

CNC CUTTER LIMITED gantry CNC plasma flame cutter serier working

CNC CUTTER LIMITED heavy pipe cnc plasma cutter serier working

Square Pipe Cutting Machine
Square Pipe Cutting Machine Square Pipe Cutting MachineSquare Pipe Cutting MachineSquare Pipe Cutting Machine

Square Pipe Cutting Machine


Suitable for rectangle metal pipe CNC cutting only, support rectangle metal pipe size 40*40mm-240*240mm; Not suitable random bevel (360 bevel); with the CNC plasma cutting and or cnc flame cutting way

Metal Square Pipe cnc Cutting
Rectangle Metal Pipe CNC Cutting
Square Pipe Cutting Machine    Square Pipe Cutting Machine

*Overall compact miniature structure

*Operation is small, nimble

*Suitable for rectangle metal pipe size 40*40mm-240*240mm.

*Not suitable random bevel.

*CNC plasma cutting and or flame cutting.

*Can be adapted for round and square pipe cutting both if need.




CNC Control Axis


Cutting pipe length

6-12m or customized

Chuck Size


Cutting pipe diameter

40*40mm-240*240mm (or customized)

Max loading weight


Pipe Ovality


Running precision


Torch up down distance


Flame cutting thickness

Piercing:5mm-50mm/ Rim:150mm

Plasma cutting thickness


Cutting Speed

Flame cutting way 700mm/min

Plasma cutting 0-6000mm/min


  1. CCL-TR series Square tube CNC Special-shaped cutting machine is specifically for the end of the steel tube automatically calculated and cut equipment. The equipment can be widely used in mechanical, petrochemical, construction, shipbuilding bridge tower and metallurgical pressure vessels and other industries of pipe structural parts cutting processing.
  2. CCL-TR CNC Square tube cutting machine is with flame/plasma thermal cnc cutting, finally get the parts for welding a molding, high precision and efficiency.
  3. 4-axis linkage control system is a 4-axis linkage control system based on many years ' experience in intersection line CNC cutting system.
  4. It is mainly used in square tube, as well as round tube if need.
  5. Using DXF or DWG format files, without the need to disassemble and auxiliary calculation can realize "three-dimensional node expansion" automatic programming.
  6. Convenient parametric programming, optimization nesting, multi-sections continuous cutting, extra-long parts automatic separation, lead tangent calculation, tube dynamic three-dimensional simulation, panel slot technology and a wealth of process management modules.

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